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NFL Game Pass – Charging credit cards they have no right to charge

When I lived in the UK, I subscribed to the UK Game Pass plan. It's actually a neat option for ex-pats, however, it's not available in the US. About an hour ago, I got an email from Game Pass saying that my account was "auto-renewing." Given that I'm quite diligent in making sure I don't auto-renew anything, I was a bit surprised to see this email, and figured it was a mistake, as the last season I would have subscribed to was 2008, and I was pretty certain I read the fine print. In fact, I remember having to renew the 2008 season, even though I'd subscribed the previous year.

So, I decided to use the chat feature, and figure out what was going on. Here is the complete chat thread:

You are now chatting with NFL Audio Pass

NFL Audio Pass: Hello, how may we help you?
Dmitry Kagansky: I just got an email that read "Your NFL Game Pass - Season subscription is currently set to auto-renew for the 2011 NFL Season at $239.99 USD." I haven't been in the UK for the last 2 seasons, and should not be set to 'auto-renew.' I cannot use Game Pass in the US, or I'd gladly subscribe.
NFL Audio Pass: can we have your user name
Dmitry Kagansky: Please cancel this subscription.
NFL Audio Pass: can we have your user name please
Dmitry Kagansky: xxxxxxxx
Dmitry Kagansky: or yyyyyyyy
NFL Audio Pass: one moment
Dmitry Kagansky: not sure which i used - the email address is xxxxxxxx@gmail.com
NFL Audio Pass: The auto renewal feature has been removed. There will no further billing for Game Pass on your account
Dmitry Kagansky: Have I been billed for Game Pass the last 2 seasons?
NFL Audio Pass: Our records show your account was charged on 8/10/09 and 8/02/10
Dmitry Kagansky: You have got to be kidding me - I never asked for the auto renewal option
Dmitry Kagansky: there's no way I could have used the service in the US
Dmitry Kagansky: and I moved back in sept of 2009
NFL Audio Pass: The renewal feature is explained at the time of purchase
Dmitry Kagansky: Plus, the credit card you guys used was expired
Dmitry Kagansky: you should not have charged it
Dmitry Kagansky: and i would not have given you a new one
NFL Audio Pass: We are unable to refund an a transaction after 7 days of the charge
Dmitry Kagansky: right, but you charged an expired credit card - that's certainly against your contract with Visa
NFL Audio Pass: The card on file was active at the time
NFL Audio Pass: it expired on 5/2010
Dmitry Kagansky: right
Dmitry Kagansky: so how did you charge me on 8/2/2010?
NFL Audio Pass: Ufortunately i do not have that information
Dmitry Kagansky: exactly
Dmitry Kagansky: so you need to issue a refund for the 8/2/2010 charge
Dmitry Kagansky: as it was unauthorized
NFL Audio Pass: We can escalate this to our manger, so he can look into it furrther'
Dmitry Kagansky: last i checked, may came before august
Dmitry Kagansky: please do
Dmitry Kagansky: what is his/her name and contact information?
NFL Audio Pass: Can we have an email to contact you at
Dmitry Kagansky: you have it
Dmitry Kagansky: xxxxxxxx@gmail.com
Dmitry Kagansky: what is your contact information?
Dmitry Kagansky: and the reference or case number?
NFL Audio Pass: Thank you. He will be in contact with you within 48hrs
Dmitry Kagansky: what is the reference or case number, please
NFL Audio Pass: one moment please
NFL Audio Pass: We have no reference number to give. The information will be escalated, and the manger will be in contact with you. He will then provide his contact information. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
NFL Audio Pass: Your account will be noted also
NFL Audio Pass: Thank you for contacting NFL support

NFL Audio Pass has left the chat conversation
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That is the entire and actual conversation, with just my username and email address redacted. There were some rather long pauses by "NFL Audio Pass" in all of this, as well. But this chat system is awful. No time stamps, no references as to who I "spoke" to, and certainly no feeling that this will get resolved. We'll see what happens in 48 hours, but I'm not holding my breath.

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