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Breach Directory Doc – First draft

I just posted an incomplete, and rough document here:

Going forward, this link will always have the latest, published version of the doc. For more information about the overall project, have a look here:

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Cloud & Virtualization Survey

Quest Software Public Sector has released a survey performed by Norwich University about the state of Cloud & Virtualization within the public sector area. The survey definitely surprised me in some of the results and you should check it out. We had a fantastic response rate, with close to 650 individuals, and a margin of error at less than 4%. I'll let the results speak for themselves.

You can find it here: http://www.quest.com/documents/landing.aspx?id=14279 .

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I think it’s finally working!

I've been wrestling with this site getting online, and I believe this will be my first successful post.  We'll see in a minute.

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