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Gogo does away with 30 day pass, so going from GoGo is a no go

As a pretty regular traveler, I find the need to use GoGo from time to time. Pretty decent service, and if I had a bunch of flights in 1 month, or several long haul (east to west coast) flights, I would buy a 30 day pass. However, they took that away, and now only allow me to do their regular monthly plan, with a recurring charge. So if I forget to cancel the service in 30 days, they charge me for another 30 days. Lovely. And how do I cancel? Apparently, removing my stored credit card is a way to do it, but not outlined on their site. The only way I could find to do it was to select 'Live Help' which opened an FAQ. Now, I hate dealing with people when something can be automated, so for a brief moment, I thought they had what I wanted. But, alas, I still had to waste time in a chat session, as the only option provided was:

How do I cancel my Gogo Unlimited or Gogo Traveler Flight Pass?

If you would like to cancel your Gogo Unlimited or Gogo Traveler recurring subscription, simply click the Chat With Us link to speak to a Customer Care representative.

Here is the chat session:

Graeme: Welcome to Gogo. My name is Graeme.
Graeme: Hi, Dmitry!
Dmitry Kagansky: hi
Dmitry Kagansky: please cancel the monthly charge
Graeme: I do see that you've removed your stored payment card from this account, so your subscription will expire automatically. You won't need to do anything else.
Dmitry Kagansky: you could point that out in your FAQ
Dmitry Kagansky: this is a real nuisance
Dmitry Kagansky: so in order to do a '30 day pass' as I had in the past, i'll need to add and then remove my credit card
Dmitry Kagansky: or chat with one of you guys every time
Graeme: Yes, you need to contact us to cancel your subscription.
Dmitry Kagansky: that's just lovely
Graeme: What other questions can I answer for you?
Dmitry Kagansky: no others
Dmitry Kagansky: thank you
Graeme: Thank you for choosing Gogo. Fly classy.
Graeme has disconnected.

Good times; thanks for wasting more of mine, Gogo. Way to make things easier. I'll definitely have second thoughts on that hour long flight as to whether I want to put in my credit card number, and have to remember to cancel it within 30 days.

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