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NFL Game Pass – not very good at keeping commitments, or giving any info out

As you probably expected, no one contacted me from the NFL this week. Despite my last post, where the anonymous person said I would be contacted by a supervisor, nothing showed up in any mailbox. And I was even checking my spam folder diligently. However, last night, they did manage to send me a reminder that my account is set to auto-renew, and will be charged again! What is wrong with these people?

So I tried to call, but after 20 minutes of waiting, decided to go down the chat route again. And here is the result of that session:

You are now chatting with NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass: Hello, how may I help you?
Dmitry Kagansky: I have 2 problems. The first is that I got an email that reads: "Your NFL Game Pass - Season subscription is currently set to auto-renew on 8/3/11 for the 2011 NFL Season." I specifically asked for a cancellation last week in a chat session. Also, a manager was due to contact me by this past Tuesday about my second problem. You can find the details here: http://www.federalcto.com/2011/07/nfl-game-pass-charging-credit-cards-they-have-no-right-to-charge/ .
NFL Game Pass: What is the user name for your account?
Dmitry Kagansky: xxxxxxxxxx
NFL Game Pass: Your account has already been taken off of automatic renewals and is not set to renew for this season.
Dmitry Kagansky: ok - then 2 questions
Dmitry Kagansky: 1. why did i get this email yesterday?
Dmitry Kagansky: 2. when will a manager contact me, as you committed to last week?
NFL Game Pass: The email was sent out to all previously subscribed GamePass users.
NFL Game Pass: In regards to your second question, I would be more than happy to forward your contact info along to a manager for follow up support.
Dmitry Kagansky: that's fine - but you committed to have a manager contact me last week
Dmitry Kagansky: you, or one of your colleagues
Dmitry Kagansky: did you have a look at the link I sent you?
NFL Game Pass: Well sir, it was not me. What I am able to do is what I have stated, and I would be glad to do that for you.
Dmitry Kagansky: The short story is that you charged me in august with a card that had been expired in may. You were never authorized to make that charge.
Dmitry Kagansky: terrific - when will the manager contact me
NFL Game Pass: Yes sir, I read the chat history that your supplied.
Dmitry Kagansky: please do not say 48 hours as you did last time
NFL Game Pass: The normal response time is within 48 hours.
Dmitry Kagansky: and please give me a contact name, or a reference of some sort
Dmitry Kagansky: who will contact me?
Dmitry Kagansky: you realize this chat session will go up on that site, yes?
Dmitry Kagansky: feel free to call me, as well, at 770-xxx-xxxx
Dmitry Kagansky: i got tired of waiting on hold when I tried to call
Dmitry Kagansky: but I'll warn you that the call will be recorded
NFL Game Pass: No need to warn us of that sir, we record all calls as well.
Dmitry Kagansky: i'm happy that you do, but I'll record it on my end for publication
NFL Game Pass: Again, I have passed your information along to my supervisor, and you can expect to be contact back within 48 hours.
Dmitry Kagansky: how will I be contacted?
Dmitry Kagansky: and by whom?
NFL Game Pass: The first contact is typically via email.
Dmitry Kagansky: fantastic
Dmitry Kagansky: now, i didn't get contacted last time
Dmitry Kagansky: so how do I know I won't be having this same chat again next week?
NFL Game Pass: All I can offer you is my word as an employee of Neulion that I will preform the requested tasks as promised.
Dmitry Kagansky: terrific, mr anonymous employee of a company other than the nfl
Dmitry Kagansky: or ms anonymous employee
Dmitry Kagansky: i look forward to the email
Dmitry Kagansky: cheers
NFL Game Pass: Thank you sir, and you have a wonderful day.
Dmitry Kagansky: Were you going to leave the conversation, or is there any more to add here? I busy prepping the current blog post now.
Dmitry Kagansky: I just want a nice, clean "your chat has completed" message for the blog, and it's been about 5 minutes since you wished me a wonderful day


Well, I didn't have any more time for the silliness, so I closed the window at this point. It'll be interesting to see whether I get contacted within 48 hours. Something tells me that I'll have yet more chats posted up. And I did find an interesting iPhone app, as well, by www.recordacall.com . Unfortunately, I didn't have the patience to sit on hold past the 20 minutes, or this whole thing would have been an audio post.


NFL Game Pass – Charging credit cards they have no right to charge

When I lived in the UK, I subscribed to the UK Game Pass plan. It's actually a neat option for ex-pats, however, it's not available in the US. About an hour ago, I got an email from Game Pass saying that my account was "auto-renewing." Given that I'm quite diligent in making sure I don't auto-renew anything, I was a bit surprised to see this email, and figured it was a mistake, as the last season I would have subscribed to was 2008, and I was pretty certain I read the fine print. In fact, I remember having to renew the 2008 season, even though I'd subscribed the previous year.

So, I decided to use the chat feature, and figure out what was going on. Here is the complete chat thread:

You are now chatting with NFL Audio Pass

NFL Audio Pass: Hello, how may we help you?
Dmitry Kagansky: I just got an email that read "Your NFL Game Pass - Season subscription is currently set to auto-renew for the 2011 NFL Season at $239.99 USD." I haven't been in the UK for the last 2 seasons, and should not be set to 'auto-renew.' I cannot use Game Pass in the US, or I'd gladly subscribe.
NFL Audio Pass: can we have your user name
Dmitry Kagansky: Please cancel this subscription.
NFL Audio Pass: can we have your user name please
Dmitry Kagansky: xxxxxxxx
Dmitry Kagansky: or yyyyyyyy
NFL Audio Pass: one moment
Dmitry Kagansky: not sure which i used - the email address is xxxxxxxx@gmail.com
NFL Audio Pass: The auto renewal feature has been removed. There will no further billing for Game Pass on your account
Dmitry Kagansky: Have I been billed for Game Pass the last 2 seasons?
NFL Audio Pass: Our records show your account was charged on 8/10/09 and 8/02/10
Dmitry Kagansky: You have got to be kidding me - I never asked for the auto renewal option
Dmitry Kagansky: there's no way I could have used the service in the US
Dmitry Kagansky: and I moved back in sept of 2009
NFL Audio Pass: The renewal feature is explained at the time of purchase
Dmitry Kagansky: Plus, the credit card you guys used was expired
Dmitry Kagansky: you should not have charged it
Dmitry Kagansky: and i would not have given you a new one
NFL Audio Pass: We are unable to refund an a transaction after 7 days of the charge
Dmitry Kagansky: right, but you charged an expired credit card - that's certainly against your contract with Visa
NFL Audio Pass: The card on file was active at the time
NFL Audio Pass: it expired on 5/2010
Dmitry Kagansky: right
Dmitry Kagansky: so how did you charge me on 8/2/2010?
NFL Audio Pass: Ufortunately i do not have that information
Dmitry Kagansky: exactly
Dmitry Kagansky: so you need to issue a refund for the 8/2/2010 charge
Dmitry Kagansky: as it was unauthorized
NFL Audio Pass: We can escalate this to our manger, so he can look into it furrther'
Dmitry Kagansky: last i checked, may came before august
Dmitry Kagansky: please do
Dmitry Kagansky: what is his/her name and contact information?
NFL Audio Pass: Can we have an email to contact you at
Dmitry Kagansky: you have it
Dmitry Kagansky: xxxxxxxx@gmail.com
Dmitry Kagansky: what is your contact information?
Dmitry Kagansky: and the reference or case number?
NFL Audio Pass: Thank you. He will be in contact with you within 48hrs
Dmitry Kagansky: what is the reference or case number, please
NFL Audio Pass: one moment please
NFL Audio Pass: We have no reference number to give. The information will be escalated, and the manger will be in contact with you. He will then provide his contact information. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
NFL Audio Pass: Your account will be noted also
NFL Audio Pass: Thank you for contacting NFL support

NFL Audio Pass has left the chat conversation
Click Here to Leave a Message

That is the entire and actual conversation, with just my username and email address redacted. There were some rather long pauses by "NFL Audio Pass" in all of this, as well. But this chat system is awful. No time stamps, no references as to who I "spoke" to, and certainly no feeling that this will get resolved. We'll see what happens in 48 hours, but I'm not holding my breath.

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